Workshops designed for individual visitors can be planned by the Museum (see to the “Appointments” section of the website) but they are available on demand for groups all year long. Current workshops are designed according to nine different topics.



Who stole M.Mercier ?


"Help me please ! While I was busy with the farrier, someone took the opportunity to introduce themselves in my house and rob me ! "

M.Mercier needs you to help him recover the stolen object. Browse the museum in order to question Witnesses and suspects, look for clues in the Mercier House, identify and find the stolen object, and finally stop the thief !


Average duration: 2 hours

From 8 years old, especially suitable for youth and schools.





 Amused at the Museum

Every Wednesday during school holidays, the Museum regularly holds workshops for children. Parents can leave their children with the Museum’s staff but we recommend they spend time with their children. These workshops called “Amused at the museum” (A-musé[e] in French) are a chance for families to discover parts of the Museum’s collections. At the end of the visit the children will be given a snack.

Have a look at the Museum’s schedule!


« Paper » & « Typo »

Atelier Papier et Typo 2015


Interrelated and yet independent. The “Paper” workshop will tell you everything there is to know about how to make a card out of recycled paper. As of “Typo”, this workshop highlights the Museum’s collection related to letterpress printing. Understand Gutenberg’s invention, assemble the letters of your name and print the card testifying to your skills for letterpress printing yourself!





Atelier Papier et Typo, 2015Average duration (for each workshop): 90 minutes


From 6 years old, ideal for school groups.









« Let's play ! »

Depending on the weather, come discover the indoor or outdoor playing areas of the Museum’s collections. Challenge your friends at board games (chess, checkers or backgammon), darts or foosball. You can also have fun and play cricket, rings or jokari.

Average duration: 90 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for families.





 « A story of … » 



Like Hop-o'-My-Thumb’s pebbles, special objects disseminated in the whole Museum tell stories to the visitors (see the “Intimate Memoirs” visit in the presentation of the Museum’s visit). Let’s think of new adventures!

Average duration: 90 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for families.







« Dear Mom and Dad »atelier chers maman et papa

Reconnect with the holidays’ postcard tradition! Get your best quill and your scissors to write and make your own movable postcard.

Average duration: 90 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for families.atelier chers maman et papa 2015








« The certificate »

atielier le certif'

Remembering or discovering the scratching of the quill against the paper and the smell of the ink, you will try to take and pass (again) the former French certificate of secondary edcation that used to be called “studies certificate”. The exam includes dictation, calculation, an essay on history and geography, reading and even an assessment of your knowledge in agriculture and sewing!




atelier le certif'Average duration: 90 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for families.











Atelier En coulisse au Musée d'Histoire de la Vie Quotidienne, 2015

New: “Behind the scenes”

About 1,800 objects out of the total 8,000 are currently exhibited. Where are all the others? If you want to find out, place a donation proposal with us corresponding to our collections (the life of the French in the 19th and 20th centuries) and come have a peek behind the scenes. After visiting the Museum’s storehouse you will take stock of your donation yourself before it officially enters the Museum’s collections.

Average duration: 90 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for families.




« Mission : L.O.G.O »atelier logo

“Hello. Your mission, should you accept it...” is to find the members of the L.O.G.O hidden throughout the Museum. Identify and localize with your teammates the objects composing the Museum’s logo and allow your agency to claim victory over your opponents! “Good luck! “

Average duration: 120 minutes

From 6 years old, ideal for children and youth activities centers and for school groups