The itinerary of the tour

The entrance is situated on the ground floor of the contemporary building. Once you have gone down to the underground hall, the visit is thematically organised around the lives of the French people in the 20th Century. That is, until you go up to the Mercier House (Maison Mercier) which actually takes you all the way back to the 16th Century. The visit ends in the underground hall and visitors are kindly asked to exit by returning to the ground floor of the contemporary building.


Floor plan


You can start the visit by going to the lower level. You can then go two ways: either use the main staircase, or the lift located in the back on the right of the lobby and shop area.


The temporary exhibition room is located at the bottom of the main staircase or on your right upon exiting the lift. If open to the public, the room is to be visited at the beginning or end of the tour.

 Plan d'orientation du musée

- The itinerary of the permanent exhibition begins on the left of the staircase, with the theme  “Agriculture” , followed by “Handcraft”.

- The video room, where visitors may sit and enjoy watching documentaries, offers a break after the “Handcraft” theme.

- In this very room, a staircase or lift provides access to the Mercier House (Maison Mercier), on the first floor as well as on the ground floor.

- Once you have visited that part of the museum, do not follow the house’s exits but rather return to the basement to discover the theme “Industry”, “Shops and Services”, “Social and cultural life”, and “House life”.

- After having finished visiting the museum, we kindly ask you to use the staircase or lift to return to the lobby.



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