The Museum has two areas: one for the permanent exhibition and one for the temporary exhibitions. The four main thematics of the permanent exhibition show the life of the French in the 20th century and include a visit of the Maison Mercier. The temporary exhibition displays one topic each year that complete the permanent exhibition.



The permanent exhibition


During opening hours, everyone can visit at their own pace the permanent exhibition. In the underground hall of the Museum, the visit goes through four main thematics:


 Milieu du parcours de visite avec la thématique Industrie, 2014.Agriculture: discover or rediscover land use and the exploitation of trees and animals.




Arts and Craft: discover the tools that artisans use to process wood, metal, leather and to build houses as well as machines from the printing and the dairy branches.





Début du parcours de visite avec la thématique Agriculture, 2014.
Business and services: delve into the daily life of small businesses (laundry, bakery, mattress store, and tailor’s workshop), look carefully at the weights and measures and observe how clerical works and schools evolved.


Social and Cultural life: understand the major changes that turned around French daily life in the 20th century in aspects as diverse as beliefs and traditions, gardening, hobbies, domestic life, coffee and broadcasting systems.










“Intimate Memoirs”: The visit

Quite like Ariadne’s golden thread or Hop-o'-My-Thumb’s pebbles, special objects have been disseminated throughout the permanent exhibition. Taken out of their initial context, these objects encourage our imagination, ignite our memories, and create a bond between our history and History. 

The Maison Mercier

Vue intérieure de la salle principale de la Maison Mercier, 2014.

Around the middle of the visit you will come back to the surface and enter another period of History. The Maison Mercier, a small manor of the 16th century with wood framing, is an integral part of the Museum. Discover the story of the region and of the Maison Mercier inside its walls.



It’s your turn!


Détail de la sous-thématique

Among the objects and the explanatory panels, you will find experiences to learn more about the Museums’s four main thematics in a playful manner. Everyone can try to find the solutions to:


-           Recognize the plants grown in the region: associate the name of the plant with its picture and its fruit in order to find out why it is a good plant to grow.

-        Unveil the secrets of different materials: discover some characteristics of leather, wood, stone and mud by proving their usefulness in making a cask, a horse collar and in building of the Maison Mercier.

-        Decode the mechanisms of printing machines: work the different pressure systems that make letterpress printing machines work and take your own-made postcard home.

-        Get into the skin of a pupil or a typist: start thinking and using your fingers to solve trade problems and try typing on the ancestor of computers: the typing machine.

-        Discover the functioning of mechanical musical instruments.


Experiences are accessible to people with disabilities.Since these are hands-on experiences and some parts are embossed, they are particularly adapted to people with visual impairments as they can approach the exhibition with their support person.


In addition to this, the museum’s activity book is at the disposal of the children.It is a good support for them to learn while having fun with games and riddles.

Couverture du carnet de visite pour enfant, 2014.






The temporary exhibition



If you walk down the stairs to the underground level, you will find the temporary exhibition. Depending on the cultural program, it develops a new thematic and highlights an aspect of French daily life, of the territory and/or of the 20th century.


             Affiche de l'exposition temporaire