The Mercier's House

Façade avant de la Maison Mercier, 2015.La Maison Mercier is the oldest house known in Saint Martin en Campagne.Intérieur de la salle principale de la Maison Mercier, 2015.

Historical research led by French historian Hélène Schney allowed to discover the history of the house which was covered by the archives. Architect specialised in cultural heritage Frédéric Martorello’s study led to suppose that La Maison Mercier was founded during the 15th century, and allowed to see in an almost complete way how the house was structured during the 16th century.

The history of La Maison Mercier reveals that the house was indeed used as a farm, but some architectural elements lead to think that it used to be a manor (that is to say a house surrounded by an agricultural holding, belonging to a rich person, often noble), such as the size of the building, the windows with mullions and the sculpted head. It seems that initially, the house was a small aristocratic residence located at the heart of an agricultural holding, which was built or rebuilt at the end of the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453). It must have changed its purpose before the period covered by the archives found (from the 17th century to nowadays), which prove that it was used for agricultural purposes.