The store

The Museum’s store aims at making the impact of the Museum’s collection last longer on the visitor. Its goal is to reach every type of audience. The products are divided into 5 categories among which “star” products stand out.


Reproductions of objects from the collections

Some objects exposed in the Museum are so familiar and evocative that you will feel a burning desire to touch them! Of course that is not allowed, but you can take their reproductions home!

The slate and boxes of chalk sticks




School memories are the same for (almost) all of us but the times when you would smell the chalk and cringe as it squeaked against the slate are virtually over – but not at the Musée d’Histoire de la Vie Quotidienne! In the store you will find reproductions of traditional slates and boxes of coloured or white chalk sticks.


A set of checkers and backgammon

Some of the Museum’s collections include board games like a checkers and backgammon board box. The Roz Turnery (Tournerie Roz in Conliège, in the Jura) produces reproductions quite similar to the one exposed in the Museum, including a set of checkers! If you already know checkers, here is the occasion for you to discover the ancient game of Backgammon.

boutique musée






New: category toys


As part of our exhibition temporary "Jouets, histoires storytellers ', the Museum Shop offers falling back to childhood or share with children of traditional toys:


- of the wooden toys (farmer and animal)

- a tangram

- checkers and Backgammon games

- a book "Monart-Joujoulac"






A new category was created to complete the range of products sold in the store. The visitors seem to like these unique original creations imbued undeniable purity.

Marie Corrieu is a local artist who opened her workshop about 5 years ago in the Pollet district of Neuville-lès-Dieppe. She is the one who creates the glass beaded jewelry sold at the museum’s store.


Bijoux musée




We sell MHVQ mugs as well as quirky original creations from Jean-Claude Courchay in the line “Mes cadeaux Arts&Déco”. Jean-Claude Courchay who lives in a village nearby has initiated the “Arts en liberté” exhibition in Saint Martin en Campagne. His creations are exhibited there every year.

Catherine Cotelle designed a personalized plate with the logo of the MHVQ.More porcelain tableware should enter the aisles of the store soon. Catherine Cotelle owns a porcelain decoration workshop in Sauchay.



The souvenir medal of the Museum is very appreciated! You can buy it in the store. Note to collectors: you can purchase it by postal application. All you have to do is send a written inquiry (with the mention of the desired quantity), enclose the corresponding amount of money (mostly cash or per check) and provide us with a prepaid envelope with your complete contact information. Please note that we do not supply stands for the souvenir medal.


Magnets, key-holders, pocket mirrors, umbrellas, badges, tissues, folding meters, pill boxes… are also included in this category.




This category includes timeless postcards. Different themes can accompany your notes :

  • “Heula” humorous cards
  • “Plong et Replonk” cards reinvent professions of bygone days
  • Museum’s cards
  • Reproductions of old regional postcards.


Children can personalize their postcards with a set of 6 postcards and coloured pencils. This category also includes black pencils, wax crayons, carpenter pencils, set of coloured pencils with a pencil sharpener, ball pens, rubbers, spiral notebooks, A5 notebooks.





The bookstore

The Museum owns a large collection of books about diverse topics that share a common theme: the daily life of the French in the 20th century.

Among the books that can be found at the Museum’s store are reedited copies of the Manufrance catalogues. This mail order company created in 1885 in Saint-Etienne used to be a weapon manufactory, but it also sold other products as diverse as fishing rods and household items. The elderly probably remember the long hours spent blatting through these catalogues which were as heteroclite and they were useful.

We also sell books written by regional and local authors like Guy de Maupassant, David Raillot, Francis Guého and Dominique Corrieu-Chapotard. We acquired other books from Falaises Editions, a publishing house located in Rouen and specialized in regional and heritage books. Last but not least, we also work with Philippe Ruc from Reflex Edition Diffusion who is passionate about our regional History and heritage.



Here are our three bestsellers:







New: The refreshment area

Why rush to end your blissful time at the Museum? Have a drink and enjoy some time in our refreshment area reminiscent of the 1980s! You can enjoy a glass of water or choose from a range of drinks available at the store: tea, coffee, hot chocolate or orange juice.